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Squeaky Stroller is an amazing blog to visit because of its simplicity. There aren’t millions of advertisements or distracting links everywhere on the page. Its very straight to the point and all about the products they’re featuring. They choose really interesting, fun and educational products to write about, and these items are sure to be a hit with both kids and parents. I highly suggest you go and take a look!

What we’re reading:

The better question would probably be ‘What aren´t we reading?’. The latest posts have all been incredible, like the Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother, but the further down we scrolled, the more excited we got!

I know this is an oldie, but its definitely worth taking a look at! If you are environmentally conscious like we are, you’ll love these hangers from Becothings!

The hanger is made from recycled cardboard and is strong, durable and BIODEGRADABLE!!

The design is super cute, and it is wonderful to know that it is not only fun to have, but that its good for the environment as well.

Check out the Squeaky Stroller website for more info!


Why we love TULP KIDS:

Tulp Kids, written by Wendy Coombes (who is also our distributor in Australia), is a blog/website devoted to finding green, sustainable design for children. All their products have been tested (and child approved!) and are environmentally conscious as well as pleasing to the eye!

What we’re reading:

Along with having a wonderful shop, the Tulp Kids blog is definitely worth a read. We just saw their most recent post and it definitely put a smile on all of our faces:

Reading these quotes reminds me being a kid again and how much I loved those books…it also helps to remind all of us here of the joys of being a kid! Wendy says that #11 is her favorite, and my personal favorite is #16! What about you?

Click here to have a look at the Tulp Kids website!


Why we love CHILD MODE:

If you’re like us, then your blogroll probably looks about the same (kids fashion, kids trends, kids furniture), and a lot of very amazing sites carry incredible products for kids. Child Mode most certainly does, but they also have quite a bit on traveling with kids (which, if you’ve done, you know is not a walk in the park!). The products are modern and fresh, the giveaways are wonderful, and the tips are extremely helpful! This website is most definitely worth a good read!

What we’re reading:

While scrolling through the posts, we were so happy to see the Toideloi Stackhouse!

The Toideloi Stackhouse is NOTHING like your average run-of-the-mill dollhouse. With this stack house you are free to use your imagination and get as creative as possible! The stackhouse is made entirely of wood, and all the pieces just kind of slide into each other, making it extremely child friendly!

You could have a dollhouse one day, a tower the next, and a castle after that. Your possibilities are as great as your imagination!

Check out the Child Care website for more photos and info! 



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