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Why we love INHABITOTS:

Their motto says it all: “Sustainable design for the next generation”! Inhabitots is a great website for parents who want to ‘go green’. It is a very helpful resource for those who are interested in sustainable modern design for children. You can find everything from furniture, clothing, gear for parents, and great articles on the site. We highly suggest that you check it out!

What we’re reading:

Over here at ninetonine we make an effort to be as environmentally conscious AND charitable as possible, so you can imagine our excitement when we read about the Baby Oomfy Dolls!

Baby Oomfy Dolls are cuddly little toys that take inspiration from real orphaned wild animals. They are made from non-toxic, azo-free polyester stuffing and are made without hazardous pellets or beads. Each little doll comes with a book about the animal, so your child can learn more about a specific animal.

The great thing about these dolls is that  at least 10% of the company’s profits go to supporting organizations that contribute to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of orphaned wild animals. Yet another 10% goes to children in need! There are 14 different animals to choose from, and any of them would make a great present for a little one!

These dolls basically combine everything that we love all in one: babies, animals and being eco-friendly!

Click here to go to the Inhabitots website to read more about them!



Bambino Goodies is the ideal place for those parents who fear the standard blue-for-boy/pink-for-girl baby designs. The blog is a very up-to-date shopping guide that includes parenting products, baby products, news, reviews, features and trends. This is the place to go if you want funky, interesting, and totally non-typical designs. The site is easy to explore, they often offer discounts for certain brands, and their Hot Shops Guide is like a little treasure chest of cool stores all put together! We highly suggest you go and check it out.

What we’re reading:

We’ve always been fans of products from Skip Hop (We’ve featured them in our wishlist) and their new Alphabet Zoo looks like so much fun!

The set includes a play mat, activity mat, soft mirror and soft stacker.

We can just imagine how much these products would brighten up any playroom, and be so much fun for the little ones! Designed by Sandra Isaksson, the products are expected to be available from early April, so make sure to mark your calendars!!

Click here to read more about it on the Bambino Goodies blog!



Les Culottes Courtes is a French blog (which also has an English option) that takes fashion, designers, trends and sales & bargains and puts it all together in a site thats super easy to navigate. They also have a Shopping Guide and a Brands Guide to make it even easier to find what it is you’re looking for, or even just for browsing!

What we’re reading:

Spring seems to be right around the corner, and these dresses by Swedish brand Djaknemala are getting us very excited for the upcoming season!

The dresses are so light and airy, and have these beautiful and delicate prints on them. These clothes not only look good, they’re also quite affordable (approx 35 Euros per dress).

Now we’re just wishing Spring would hurry up so that we can get one of these on the little one!

For more photos, check out Les Culottes Courtes website here. 




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