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Dandelion Baby, created by Amber Macintosh, is an amazing online beauty guide for BOTH parents and their kids. On the site you can find really helpful product reviews on everything from baby shampoo to tummy rubs for new mamas. They also have great articles on health and beauty, an online shop where you can buy a lot of the products written about, AND a blog!

What we’re reading:

This week they’ve posted about Asili shea butter, which I am super excited about because I absolutely love shea butter and cocoa butter.

You can use this all natural product on ANY member of the family (“toddlers face, sons chapped lips, back of my husbands arms, a crack on my dogs paw”) AND it comes from an organic co-operative in West Africa.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve already placed an order for a tub of this magical stuff!

Check out the Dandelion Baby website for more information on Asili, as well as other great beauty products!


Why we love Babyccino Kids:

Founded by 3 friends who live all across Europe, Babyccino Kids offers its readers international perspectives on modern family life. Simply put, this blog has almost everything you could possibly need! They post about recipes they like, crafts, personally tested products, travel guides, and they have an incredible online shop. You can spend hours on this blog and not get bored!

What we’re reading:

Yesterday, while browsing their blog, I saw these adorable Rousskine handmade knit dolls.

I mean, seriously, how cute are these dolls?! Made in Montreal, these dolls are made of 100% cotton thread, and their fronts and backs have different designs! Right now I want one for myself, for kids, for my niece, for my cousins, and even for my Grandma!! Don’t they look really cozy? I think the Panda might be my favorite, what about you?

You can read more about the Rousskine dolls here on the Babyccino Kids blog or check out the Rousskine creator, Dominique’s, blog over here.


Why we love Bebestilo:

Bebestilo is a Spanish blog written by two women, Mar and María, with their collaborators Ana and Bea. This is a great blog to go to find original design products for babies and children. They also locate the best stores and the most useful items to make life a little bit easier for us moms out there. You can also find different ideas, recipes and activities to do with your kids. All in all, its definitely worth checking out!

What we’re reading:

The other day we saw this post about a Pirate Themed Kiddie birthday party. I absolutely love everything about this party!

All the detail that goes into a party like this is so wonderful! From the invitations (messages in bottles), to the snack table (a table turned pirate ship), this is a party no child is likely to forget! Take a look at their post to see all the amazing photos!

They give really great tips and instructions on how to do this party, so click here to check it out! They also have a lot of really great suggestions for other kinds of parties, so make sure to check those out as well!


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Blogs We’re Reading 22.02.12

  1. Thanks so much for including Babyccino Kids in your list of blogs you’re reading. What a thrill to be included with the other great blogs. xx

  2. María said:

    Wow! We just saw it! Thank you very much for including Bebestilo in your selection! And next to two of our favourite blogs! That has been certainly a great way to begin this week 🙂 Thanks!

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