Blogs We’re Reading

We want to introduce a new feature on our blog for our readers out there! Blogs We’re Reading is something we hope to update every week, to let our readers know about different blogs out there and what has been catching our attention week-to-week. These blogs could be about anything – from design, kids, furniture, clothes, food, books…whatever!! We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoy writing (and surfing the net!!)!


Why we love BLOESEM:

Bloesem Kids is a great place to read about DIY crafts, books and different products, and totally inspiring mom stories! Another plus is they have amazing giveaways!!

What we’re reading:

This week we’re totally obsessed with the Nomuu cards they’re GIVING AWAY.

All you have to do to be eligible to win is go to the post and enter a comment saying what word best describes Nomuu illustrations, and you have the chance to win! The giveaway is only open until Feb 29, so hurry up and comment (we already did!!)!


Why we love Fine Little Day:

Fine Little Day is a really sweet blog written by Elisabeth Dunker, who lives in Sweden. She posts a lot about design, art and things she finds creative or expressive. Her appreciation for life and art makes us appreciate it all the more!

What we’re reading:

First of all, we HAVE to mention ‘Fettisdagen’ (Fat Day) in Sweden. Her photo of bread buns with whipped cream and almond paste made us drool on our work desks.

Did any of you give up anything for Lent? I gave up pastries…and already I’m deeply regretting it.

Second of all, these throw pillows she posted about are seriously amazing. Sometimes a little black and white can do wonders for a room!

Also, there is going to be an Open House ‘Pop Up Shop’ from March 14-15, so if you live in Sweden be sure to check it out!


Why we love Designing Idols:

Designing Idols is a blog in Spanish written by Carmen Rodriguez. Not only does she keep us up to date with the latest trends in fashion, but she also posts about a lot of really fun shops, products and designer pieces. She’s even featured some of our furniture in a few posts! Basically its a really cool blog to go and have a look at!

What we’re reading:

Carmen recently did a post about the fashion house Marni doing a collection for H&M. Several designers have done this before, such as Roberto Cavalli and Jimmy Choo, which has had really great results for H&M! This is such a great option to get really sweet clothes at a good price!!

And of course, the celebrities came out to show their support (and get a photo taken!).

Here you have Mila Jovovich wearing some Marni for H&M accessories.

For those of you who live in Madrid and want to know where to find the stores that offer this collection, check out her BLOG! 

  1. clownonfire said:

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Carmen said:

    Me encantó descubrir Bloesem Kids!!

    Muchas gracias por vuestro apoyo y seguimiento, es un honor que venga de grandes personas con talento como Uds.

  3. Sandra said:

    I love Carmen’s blog, also she’s a excellent person and i think her blog is full of her personality!

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