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For those of you who’ve been following our blog, you may have noticed that we wrote a post about ninetonine selling items in the pop up store ‘The Apartment’ over the Christmas holidays. The pop up store was open from 5th December to 5th January, and it was an incredible success!

We want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who came and supported us in this effort! We had such an amazing time setting up our area and getting to know everyone else involved, and it is definitely something we look forward to doing again!

For those of you who were unable to stop by, here are a few photos of the ninetonine setup:

image3Although we didn’t have an enormous space to work with, we were able to find a place for everything!! In this photo, we have the ninetonine Deskhouse in the corner, with Seedling gift sets on top. The ninetonine Mouse table has a Jellycat bunny sitting in the ear! To the left, we have a desk with Kukkia toys and ninetonine My First Still Life items. Above the desk, we have Ferm Living Studio storage units. And just in case you missed it, hanging from the ceiling we have the wonderful Kidsonroof Casa Cabana Deco (all available on!

PHOTO1A closer look at the desk shows us the cute little Kukkia toy sets (from L-R, Sushi, Machi and Tsumiki). Behind the Kukkia sets we have the ninetonine My First Still Life, and above that, the ninetonine My First Sculpt Toy. To the left, we have the Kukkia Hamburger. The beautiful wooden lamp in the corner is by Muuto. Above, inside the Ferm Living Studio sets are more Jellycat soft toys.


image2The other side of the room features the Totem Tree of Life by Kidsonroof, which was great fun to assemble! Up on the wall we placed the All Lovely Stuff coat hangers (Animals of Whittling Wood and Moose on the Loose). Directly below, we used the All Lovely Stuff Donuts to hang up our Dwell Studio baby clothes. 

For more photos, and to read more about ninetonine in the Apartment (in Spanish), the blog La Portegna did a wonderful little post about it! Even if you can’t understand Spanish, the photos are worth a look!

Once again, thanks to everyone who came, and we hope to something like this again soon!!!



ferm Living is one of those brands that needs no introduction or explanation. In the world of children’s decor, ferm Living is a superstar.

ferm Living produces EVERYTHING…from office to bathroom to kitchen! Our personal favorite (of course, being a children’s furniture company), is their KIDS COLLECTION.

The wallpaper, textiles and wall stickers are filled with so much color, life and fun that it makes us want to be kids again!

Each unique piece of ferm Living’s collection shows how lively and energetic a room can be, and you have A LOT to choose from! They definitely have variety and something to suit everyone’s taste.

Keep checking for our Facebook and Twitter updates, because ferm Living will soon be available with ninetonine!!!

Some of you might remember that last year we wrote a post about how amazing wall stickers are, and in it we mentioned Apple Pie wall stickers. Click here for a refresher.

Apple Pie wall stickers are so whimsical, fun and beautiful that they definitely deserve another post! Its actually quite incredible how much a wall decal can change a room.

The best part about it is, once you or your child outgrows the wall sticker, it can easily be removed and replaced with a new one!

You can select a specific size for your sticker, as standard sizes are from 10cm to 180cm, but a non standard size can certainly be arranged! You also have over 40 different colors to choose from!

Another great thing about Apple Pie is that they do not just make children’s stickers. Many of the stickers are suitable for any room in the house – kitchen included!

Even though you have hundreds of wall stickers to choose from, Apple Pie has the option of customization, just in case you can’t find the sticker that is right for you.

You can customize your child’s face, your favorite animal, photograph, or even your favorite quotation.

With all of their amazing stickers, its no wonder that we’re so proud and excited to be retailers of Apple Pie!

If you would like to see their catalogues or get an idea of some prices, contact us and we’ll get back to you with all the information. Likewise, if you’d like to place an order for some Apple Pie wall stickers, let us know, and we’ll get started on your order.

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Wall Stickers

We’ve completed our lookbook and are so excited to be able to share it with you!!

We hope that by combining our own furniture with other great pieces, we can give parents some great ideas on how to decorate and design their child’s room.

Here are a few pages from the lookbook:

We hope that this lookbook, as well as our interior design service, can help parents to imagine the whole feel of the room!

We are also currently working on our online interior design assessment tool for those parents who live outside of Spain. We are planning on having 3 different levels of design assessment available for clients.

More information will be available shortly.

For more information regarding our lookbook or interior design service, please contact us!

Hello everyone!! We know we’ve been horrible at updating our blog in this new year, but its only because we’ve been SUPER busy coming up with great new concepts and ideas!!

Here is a sneak peak at some stuff we’ve been working on:

We’ve been working hard on these new storyboard ideas!

As a new parent buying furniture for a baby, choosing the furniture is one thing, but imagining how it will look in the room is a totally different problem. We’re trying our best to help new parents out by giving them a few ideas and a few of our suggestions.

Hopefully soon we’ll have the storyboards finished, rooms with perspective, and personal consultations ready to go!!

Keep checking this blog, our Facebook and our Twitter for more updates…or contact us if you’d like to see some storyboards, or have us make some for you!

Recently, we’ve been noticing a lot of wall stickers decorating nurseries and children’s rooms. Why wall stickers?

Wall stickers are a great way to dress up a room! They are fun, bright, and easy to use! Unlike paint, a wall sticker can be removed and changed as easily as a child changes his or her mind!

Here are some of our favorite wall stickers that we’ve seen around:

From Bloesem Kids:


Recientemente, hemos notado un montón de pegatinas de decoración en guarderías y cuartos de niños. ¿Por qué pegatinas?

Los vinilos decorativos son una gran manera de vestir a una habitación! Son divertidos, prácticos y fáciles de usar! A diferencia de la pintura, las pegatinas se pueden quitar y cambiar fácilmente como un niño cambia su mente! 

Estos son algunos de nuestros vinilos decorativos favoritos que hemos visto por ahí:

En Bloesem Kids:

Wall Stickers seen on Bloesem Kids designed by 41 Orchard

Wall Stickers seen on Bloesem Kids designed by 41 Orchard

From BebesMundo:

Wall Stickers seen on BebesMundo

From Coochicoos:

'Hugh's Room' by Nest Design featured on Coochicoos

'Nursery' by Baby Cragg featured on Coochicoos

From Decopeques:

Pop & Lolli Wall Stickers featured on Decopeques

Pop & Lolli Wall Stickers featured on Decopeques

These wall stickers can change any room into a place of fun, of peace, or of pure magic!

We here at Ninetonine are HUUUUGE fans of wall stickers!! Check out this set up of our furniture, with some beautiful wall stickers by INKE:


Estas pegatinas pueden cambiar cualquier habitación en un lugar de diversión, paz o pura magia!

Aquí en ninetonine somos FANÁTICOS de las pegatinas! Hecha un vistazo a este conjunto de nuestros muebles con algunas bonitas pegatinas diseñadas por INKE:

LEA EVE design, ninetonine furniture, INKE stickers - KIDSLOVEDESIGN

This room, designed by Lea Eve, features the ninetonine Toys & Crayons shelf, Owl_01 Changer, and Zebra_02 Cotbed and Piglet Cube, all of which are available for sale on our website!

You can see more fabulous pictures over here at KidsLoveDesign.

Not only does our furniture look fabulous with these wall stickers, but we are proud retailers of Apple Pie stickers as well!

Apple Pie stickers are fun, beautiful, and even whimsical! We carry hundreds of Apple Pie stickers, for both children and adults!


Este cuarto, diseñado por Lea Eva, utilizando los juguetes y Crayones de ninetonine, el cambiador, la cuna Zebra y el cubo de Piglet, todos ells disponibles a la venta en nuestro web!

Puedes ver mas imágenes fabulosos en KidsLoveDesign.

No sólo nuestros muebles se ven fabulosos con estas pegatinas, también estamos orgullosos de las pegatinas de Apple Pie.

Las pegatinas de Apple Pie son divertidas, bonitas e incluso caprichosas! Llevamos cientos de pegatinas de Apple Pie tanto para niños como para adultos!

Apple Pie Wall Sticker

Apple Pie Wall Sticker

Apple Pie Wall Sticker

For more information on Apple Pie, or to see more of their catalogues, send us an email at, or check out our Contacts page!

More Apple Pie photos after the jump!


Para más información acerca de Apple Pie, o para conocer más su catálogo, envíanos un correo electrónico a, o visita nuestra página de Contacto.

Más fotos de Apple Pie a continuación….


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