Gift Ideas for Boys – 15% Discount!

Halloween has passed, Thanksgiving is over, and now its time to really start concentrating on Christmas!

Christmas shopping can be quite difficult, especially for those without the time to run into every store in the city.

We’ve compiled a list of wonderful gift ideas for boys, all of which you can buy through our website – WITH A 15% DISCOUNT!! All you need to do to avail of this discount is type in the code XMAS_15 during checkout!


The items featured in the above photo are:
1. Machi by Kukkia; €39.00

2. Bashful Monkey Baby by Jellycat; €9.00

3. Elephant Party by Flensted Mobiles; €22.00

4. Kapla 100 by Kapla; €35.20

5. Big Elefant Bombay Soft Toy by Sal de Cocó; €14.00

6. Ehon by Kukkia 

7. Woodland Wooden Puzzle by Dwell Studio; €17.00

8. Long Sleeved Bodysuit by Dwell Studio; €23.00

9. Mr. Moustache Mobile by Jäll & Tofta; €24.00

10. Rattle Gilbert by Esthex; €13.00

11. Trojan Horse by Kidsonroof; €23.00

12. Croco Alaska Soft Toy by Sal de Cocó; €14.00

These items are only a sampling of the goodies we’re offering on this special Christmas discount!

Other great present ideas:
7509-7510 GoodThingsForBoysGrande

Animals of Whittling WoodTreasureBoatGRANDE

So stop by, have a look at our great present ideas, and don’t forget to type in XMAS_15 during checkout to get a great 15% discount!!

Coming soon…Present ideas for Girls!



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