For those of you who’ve been following our blog, you may have noticed that we wrote a post about ninetonine selling items in the pop up store ‘The Apartment’ over the Christmas holidays. The pop up store was open from 5th December to 5th January, and it was an incredible success!

We want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who came and supported us in this effort! We had such an amazing time setting up our area and getting to know everyone else involved, and it is definitely something we look forward to doing again!

For those of you who were unable to stop by, here are a few photos of the ninetonine setup:

image3Although we didn’t have an enormous space to work with, we were able to find a place for everything!! In this photo, we have the ninetonine Deskhouse in the corner, with Seedling gift sets on top. The ninetonine Mouse table has a Jellycat bunny sitting in the ear! To the left, we have a desk with Kukkia toys and ninetonine My First Still Life items. Above the desk, we have Ferm Living Studio storage units. And just in case you missed it, hanging from the ceiling we have the wonderful Kidsonroof Casa Cabana Deco (all available on!

PHOTO1A closer look at the desk shows us the cute little Kukkia toy sets (from L-R, Sushi, Machi and Tsumiki). Behind the Kukkia sets we have the ninetonine My First Still Life, and above that, the ninetonine My First Sculpt Toy. To the left, we have the Kukkia Hamburger. The beautiful wooden lamp in the corner is by Muuto. Above, inside the Ferm Living Studio sets are more Jellycat soft toys.


image2The other side of the room features the Totem Tree of Life by Kidsonroof, which was great fun to assemble! Up on the wall we placed the All Lovely Stuff coat hangers (Animals of Whittling Wood and Moose on the Loose). Directly below, we used the All Lovely Stuff Donuts to hang up our Dwell Studio baby clothes. 

For more photos, and to read more about ninetonine in the Apartment (in Spanish), the blog La Portegna did a wonderful little post about it! Even if you can’t understand Spanish, the photos are worth a look!

Once again, thanks to everyone who came, and we hope to something like this again soon!!!



Hello everyone, and happy new year!! After a long (and sunny) Christmas holiday, we’re finally back to business!

To kick off the new year, we’ve got some great new press articles featuring ninetonine, a few new products up on our website and, soon to come, some amazing OFFERS on ninetonine furniture!

First off, the blog Superfluo Imprescindible posted a beautiful article about Sacha’s (founder of ninetonine) home here in Madrid.

Some highlights from the article include:

Casa aquitecto Alberto Marcos-Ninetonine-Elle Deco (2)


“La vi por primera vez en la edición impresa de Elle Deco, me llamaron la atención sualtura, la cantidad de luz, la mesa con las plastic Eames chairs (sobre ella escribo cada día y se ha convertido en mi favorita), la verdad es que se me quedó grabado casi todo; con un toque industrial pero a la vez cálida y familiar.”

Casa aquitecto Alberto Marcos-Ninetonine-Elle Deco (3) Casa aquitecto Alberto Marcos-Ninetonine-Elle Deco (9)

For more photos, and to read the entire article, click here.

The website ARCHKIDS was also kind enough to write a lovely little post about our Deskhouse (click here to read it)


And finally, Architectural Digest featured ninetonine in the pop-up store, the Apartment, which we participated in this past Christmas season:

AD ENERO 2012AD inside ENERO 2013

As for our website, we’ve recently added a few new choices for great wallpaper by Ferm Living!

107_Berry_Black 118_Ribbed 136_Fairy_Flower_GOLD 149_image


Last, but certainly not least, we plan on having some incredible offers this year! Keep checking our blog, our Facebook and our Twitter to keep up to date with our offers and discounts! We promise to have a new offer on by early next week, so don’t forget to check in!!




As promised, here is our list of wonderful Christmas gift ideas for girls. These presents are perfect for stocking stuffers or as a great item to open on Christmas morning!

All of these items are available on our website, and come with a 15% discount! All you need to do is enter the code XMAS_15 during checkout!

girls_ ideas

The items on this list are:

1) Deskhouse by ninetonine; €199.00

2) Good Things for Girls by Seedling; €25.00

3) Starburst Chocolate Long Sleeve Footie Playsuit by Dwell; €38.00

4) Animals of Whittling Wood by All Lovely Stuff; €35.00

5) Sushi by Kukkia; €46.00

6) Cocorico Cooker by Kidsonroof; €22.00

7) Kapla 1000 pack by Kapla; €247.00

8) Bashful Bunny by Jellycat; €13.00

9) Tree Lamp by Ferm Living

10) Elephant Party by Flensted Mobiles; €22.00

11) Hamburger by Kukkia; €25.00

12) Suction Bowl Set Number by Sugar Booger; €22.00

Other great ideas are:

CasaCabanaDecoGRANDE2Tsumiki GRANDE


For more gift ideas, have a look at our website! 



****UPDATE**** We are extending this giveaway until Christmas!!!

In the spirit of Christmas, we at ninetonine have decided to have a special giveaway of our newest products!!

My First Still Life and My First Sculpt Toy are the first pieces in our new ‘My First’ collection, designed by Teo Marcos for ninetonine. The intention of this collection is to bring the world of art and design even closer to our children, via play and construction.


Play, build, imagine…! ‘My First Still Life’ and ‘My First Sculpt Toy’ are ‘do-it-yourself’ sculptures that will capture the imagination of children and adults alike. Consisting of different beige cardboard pieces ready to piece together, these are fun and economical presents for Christmas or birthdays which will stimulate imagination and creativity, and provide hours of fun for your children.

Additionally, the ‘My First Still Life’ pieces can be coloured or painted as desired!

‘My First Still Life’ and ‘My First Sculpt Toy’ are also extremely practical: they come ready in elegantly designed envelopes, ready to pop into the post box!

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 12.39.54

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 12.40.18

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 12.40.01Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 12.40.09

To celebrate the launch of this newest collection, we’re giving away 10 pieces of each model! To win this contest, all you need to do is follow 3 easy steps:

1. ‘Like us’ in Facebook.
2. Sign up to follow our blog.
3. Send a confirmation email to

**** UPDATE!!***** We will notify all winners on 25th December via Facebook and email.

Good luck, and remember, these new products are also available on our website!!

Halloween has passed, Thanksgiving is over, and now its time to really start concentrating on Christmas!

Christmas shopping can be quite difficult, especially for those without the time to run into every store in the city.

We’ve compiled a list of wonderful gift ideas for boys, all of which you can buy through our website – WITH A 15% DISCOUNT!! All you need to do to avail of this discount is type in the code XMAS_15 during checkout!


The items featured in the above photo are:
1. Machi by Kukkia; €39.00

2. Bashful Monkey Baby by Jellycat; €9.00

3. Elephant Party by Flensted Mobiles; €22.00

4. Kapla 100 by Kapla; €35.20

5. Big Elefant Bombay Soft Toy by Sal de Cocó; €14.00

6. Ehon by Kukkia 

7. Woodland Wooden Puzzle by Dwell Studio; €17.00

8. Long Sleeved Bodysuit by Dwell Studio; €23.00

9. Mr. Moustache Mobile by Jäll & Tofta; €24.00

10. Rattle Gilbert by Esthex; €13.00

11. Trojan Horse by Kidsonroof; €23.00

12. Croco Alaska Soft Toy by Sal de Cocó; €14.00

These items are only a sampling of the goodies we’re offering on this special Christmas discount!

Other great present ideas:
7509-7510 GoodThingsForBoysGrande

Animals of Whittling WoodTreasureBoatGRANDE

So stop by, have a look at our great present ideas, and don’t forget to type in XMAS_15 during checkout to get a great 15% discount!!

Coming soon…Present ideas for Girls!



To all of our friends here in Madrid, ninetonine will be part of a great Christmas pop up store called The Apartment, starting from 6 December!



The Apartment will be selling wonderful little toys and gifts that would be perfect for stocking fillers or for presents under the Christmas Tree!

Not only will we be selling our own ninetonine goodies, but for the first time, we’ll be offering our newest products as well! Some items  you might find are:


doughnuts_grande1MR moustahce grande 3Lovebirdsgg09tumiki_2Bashful Beige Bunny Medium_GRANDECocoricoCookerGRANDE2



For those of you outside Madrid, all of the items we’ll be selling in The Apartment are also for sale on our website (plus many more products!!)

So on December 6, don’t forget to stop by The Apartment on Alonso Martinez 2, 1ºIZQ, and have a look at all of the great presents available!!

For more information on The Apartment, have a look at their website here.

For more ninetonine products, or to see the newest items we have for sale, have a look at our website!


These past few weeks have been EXTREMELY busy for us over here at ninetonine, as we’ve been working on a new concept for our online store. Finally, I am so happy to announce that we have expanded our store to include other wonderful brands and products!

Now, not only can you find and purchase ninetonine pieces through our online shop, but other brands of furniture, bedding, decoration, toys and accessories!

The latest brands up for sale are:

And along with these incredible brands, we are still the proud retailers for:

I’ll be writing more posts about each individual brand, so that you can get a better idea of their products and what we are currently offering.

Come have a look at our site, and keep checking our blog, Facebook and Twitter to see what new goodies we’ve added to the shop!!





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