Dad is Geek

Many of the websites and blogs that we post about have a common themes: babies and moms. Some of the most reliable sites for advice and help are those written for moms, by moms. Why place your trust in something that hasn’t been tried and tested?

But what about the dads?? Don’t worry all you dads our there , we haven’t forgotten about you!!

Moms and Dads obviously have a different way of thinking about things, and get excited about different types of products. This is why its important to have websites like Dad is Geek out there!



Dad is Geek is the ‘alter-ego’ of the e-magazine Mum is Geek, which is a place for both dads and moms to find information and tips about decoration, children’s fashion, family outings and activities. They also have free giveaways with many different brands and creators!

What makes Dad is Geek different is that it targets more of a male audience. While they do talk about products that we see on many website, you will immediately notice that the recommendations are peppered with superheroes and sneakers! Additionally, they have a special section for their recommendations of apps and other high tech products that dads and kids might enjoy, as well as tips for cultural excursions and free giveaways!

Our favorite part about Dad is Geek is their blogroll….which links to other blogs written by dads as well! Its always refreshing to see the different points of wisdom coming from the other side!

Yesterday, Dad is Geek surprised us with a wonderful post about our Deskhouse!

We are always grateful for the wonderful press we receive, and are always happy to return the favor! Please click here to check out the post about our Deskhouse on Dad is Geek! 


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