Green is the New Green

It is no secret that we here at ninetonine make it a point to be as environmentally conscious as possible, which is why we created the Tree for a Cot initiative, and use only wood from sustainable forests. We also fully support other companies who share our eco-friendly view, such as Green Lullaby!


Green Lullaby is incredible because of their innovative, creative and fun items that are all made ENTIRELY of cardboard!! Everything they sell is totally sustainable, environmentally friendly, and easy to use and assemble!

The Benz Bench & Table, for example, combine fun and function while still being made of recyclable materials:

Although the bench & table are designed for kids and made of cardboard, the bench can carry as much as 120kg! A parent can sit next to their child to check up on homework, admire drawings, or share in playtime!

The bench also has a storage container under the seat, making it the perfect place to store toys or other supplies. Because they are made of cardboard, they are super lightweight and easy to carry and move around the house…and you only need a wet-wipe to clean them! 

Another great product they have at Green Lullaby is the Multibox:

The MultiBox is a combination of storage, play item and learning tool….all made of cardboard.

The MultiBox can carry as much as 50kg, and is protected by a unique ‘green’ non-toxic fire retardant.

To see more products by Green Lullaby, or for prices and ordering information, check out the Green Lullaby website here!


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