Meet the Mouse!

Why is the Mouse Table the ideal choice for both kids and parents??

Kids love the Mouse because its a great, fun table! Its unusual shape makes it so much fun for kids to draw on, gather round, or play with! Paired with our Drum Stools, the Mouse Table is the perfect activity place! Plus, pencils, coloring supplies, and other goodies can be stored in the Mouse’s wooden ‘ear’, so things are kept neat and tidy, which parents love!

Additionally, the 3 screw on legs make it super easy to assemble! When the children have outgrown the table, it can easily be used as a beautiful side table or coffee table!

Designed by Alberto Marcos for ninetonine, this versatile table is definitely worth taking a second look at! For more photos or information on pricing and ordering, please check out our Online Store or Contact Us and we’d be happy to help!


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