Vote for ninetonine!

We are super excited to announce that we are a finalist in Natural Child World’s Excellence Award: Crib!!

Click here to vote for ninetonine! 

What are the Natural Child World Excellence Awards?

– There are many awards given to companies that make the “best” products for families, but the Natural Child World Excellence Awards™ distinguishes itself with an emphasis on eco-excellence. In addition to qualities such as style and performance, we looked at socially conscious endeavors, footprint and ingredients. The modern parent no longer has to choose between style and the environment.

Why should you vote for ninetonine?

For each vote cast in the Eco-Excellence Awards™, Natural Child World will donate $1 towards building an organic farm at Casa de Paz orphanage in Guadalupe Valley, Mexico. The farm will provide nourishing food for the residents and help propel the orphanage towards financial independence.

Moreover, each voter will be entered for the chance to win an eco-friendly vacation at a Eco resort!


UPDATE: VOTING IS NOW CLOSED. We didn’t win, but we appreciate any votes we received!! 

  1. Carmen said:

    Votados y transmitido en mi muro de facebook!! Suerte!!

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