Blogs We’re Reading


Why we love Made By Joel:

Joel, the founder of the website, is an artist and a designer who posts about arts and crafts projects that are easy and fun for both parents and kids. If you’re looking for fun and creative projects to do with kids, this is definitely the place to go! The crafts are super imaginative and educational, and you can choose between crafts designed by Joel himself or ones created by guests. Totally worth a look!

What we’re reading (or trying to create!!)

This was posted quite some time ago, but we are seriously in love with this idea! Travel sized paper cities are a great way to keep kids entertained, and they can bring out the inner artist in all of us!

These are great to bring to a restaurant, on a plane/train/bus, or anywhere where the little ones might get a bit antsy. It would be great for building up excitement for a trip, or for remembering the great memories of a past trip.

The best part is that these pieces are so easy to store:

For more photos, instructions, or printouts, visit the website here!


Why we love Life Style Illustrated:

L.S. Illustrated is not your typical fashion design blog! Created and written by the wonderfully talented Pia Ugarte, all of the ‘photos’ on the blog are actually hand drawn illustrations! The blog isn’t just about fashion either…Pia covers topics like music, movies, books, cocktail bars….anything that inspires her! She chooses colors that are vibrant and fresh, and its just such a fun blog to spend some time on!

What we’re reading:

This weekend we experienced a major pancake craving (thanks Aunt Jemima!) and we were so happy to find out that we’re not the only ones!

After eating our own sky high stack of pancakes, one look at this made us hungry ALL OVER AGAIN!! At least she made a ‘healthier’ option! (We chose bacon instead of fruits ha ha!)

For more illustrations, like my favorite one below, check out Pia’s blog right here!


Why we love Lay Baby Lay:

If you’re in need of inspiration or for some good ideas, Lay Baby Lay is definitely a blog worth checking out. Many of the posts are collages based on an idea (color, theme, print), and they show great combinations and great pieces.

What we’re reading:

The latest board reminded us that summertime is approaching!

These fresh and fun colors make us want to be at the beach, relaxing under the sun! The colors and combinations complement each other so perfectly! We especially love that amazing print of the dog on the Vespa!

For more boards and ideas, check out their website here! 


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