Hello Owl Changer!

Have you heard about our Owl Changer?

Since we’ve already introduced you to the Zebra Cot, we thought it would be fitting to show you its perfect complement!

The Owl Changer is ample, sturdy and extremely practical! It has a closed cupboard with shelves, four drawers, and PLENTY of storage space!

Additionally, you can select our Upper Storage Element 01 or 02 for more storage space on top. 

The Storage Elements are ideal for creams, wipes, nappies and anything else you can think of!

The Owl Changer is made of solid oak, beech plywood, lacquered pine and MDF, and was designed by Alberto Marcos for ninetonine.

Take a look at how beautifully it pairs with our Zebra Cot, Toys & Crayons Shelf, and Piglet Cube!

Lea Eve Designs - Kids Love Design

Fore more photos or information about our Owl Changer, take a look at our Collections page, our online store, or contact us!

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