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Why we love City Baby Living:

CityBaby Living is a great website that most of us out there can relate to and use for inspiration. Living in a city usually means you give up the Big House for the Apartment, which means sacrificing SPACE! The result is that many items become chosen because of function over form, and versatility over design. CityBaby Living celebrates the relationship between small spaces and great design. Its an amazing and very useful website for us apartment dwellers!

What we’re reading:

A very common problem people living in apartments are faced with is the lack of a bathtub. While this might not seem like a big deal (whats wrong with a standup shower??), its quite difficult when you’re trying to give a squirming baby a bath! Luckily, you can find things like this Prince Lionheart Flexi Bath Tub.

Not only can you fold it up and put it away when you’re not using it (great space saver) but you can also use it as storage when the baby no longer needs it!

Check out the CityBaby Living website for more information and more useful tips on how to maximize space!


Why we love Small For Big:

Small for Big is another fabulous place to search for modern design items that won’t destroy your bank account. The twist here is, Small for Big’s creator is a toy designer! Needless to say, she knows her stuff!

What we’re reading:

We love cuddly little stuffed toys, and these stuffed owls from Wassup Brothers are TOO amazing!

The stuffed owls (and other animals) are made from found and re-purposed sweaters and other fabrics.

For more photos and information, check out Small for Big’s website here! 


Why we love Look At The Birdie And Smile:

Look At The Birdie And Smile is an incredibly fun website!! There are three contributors, and they post about design, art, photography, and other random little products sure to make you smile. The blog has a really fun feel to it, and the way they use humor to write is really charming!

What we’re reading:

What is even better than a cute cushion for the house? A cute cushion with a mustache.

I’m not even going to pretend that this is for the kids. This is totally for me!

These BlaBla pillows are so much fun and so whimsical! I love every one of these pillows!

To see more photos and more of the collection, check out the Look at the Birdie and Smile website! 

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