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Why we love KIDS STYLE FILE:

KidsStyleFile, an Australian blog, is written by moms for parents who are looking for news and sales on everything baby related. They also work directly with stores, designers and wholesalers so that readers can have the inside scoop on whats coming! Its a great place to find out about new stores and designers, AND they have really incredible bargains and discounts!

What we’re reading:

I think its quite clear that we have an obsession with wall stickers (see here and here), but have we mentioned how much we also love wallpaper??

The best thing about wallpaper is that you can change it whenever you feel that you (or your child) has outgrown the design!

You can be so creative and so wild with children’s wallpaper!

To find out more information about these designs and more, check out their website here! 


Why we love PARENTURE:

Umm Parenting + Adventure? YES PLEASE!! Becoming a parent DOES NOT MEAN that you have to give up your adventure lifestyle! It just means you have to make a few adjustments! Parenture is written by a mom who loves to write and travel, and she shows us the adventures that happen in life and in parenting.

What we’re reading:

Living in Spain means that we have AMAZING weather (for most of the year). Its starting to feel a little bit more and more like Spring here, which means boots can go back in storage and summer shoes begin to make an appearance. An extremely popular shoe here is called the alpargata which you can get at almost any local shoe store.

These alpargatas are a little bit more expensive, but very cute!

Made by Ropey Soles, they make for a great Spring/Summer shoe, and are a great option for those who don’t live in Spain! Another great thing is that they also have a semi-matching pair for the little one:

These miniature ones are by TOMS shoes, a brand I fully support. For those of you who haven’t heard, for every pair of TOMS you buy, they donate a pair to a child in need of shoes. And if you think this is a total scam – its definitely not. I participated in a TOMS giveaway at a school in the Philippines, and it was an incredible experience. Check out the TOMS website for more information.

For more about these super cute shoes, check out the Parenture website here.



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