Christmas Wishlist 2011 – Girls

Unsure about what to get your daughter for Christmas? What about your niece, sister, granddaughter, friend, etc??

We love these ideas because not only are they super fun, but they inspire creativity and the use of imagination! Here are our choices for some of the best finds out there:

1 – Hello Paper Dolls at Hello Hanna – $11.95

2 – Maleta Ballena at Baby Deli – 18€

3 – Shalimar Puzzle by Goki at Kiddyriffic – £16.99

4 – Guitare Fleurs by Vilac at Only Kids Design – 21,01€

5 – Collage for Kids at Vincon – 16,50€

6 – Grima Spiel & Holz Mobile Home Playset at Eggbox Kids – £46

7 – i-Wood Laptop at Rasselfisch – 35€

8 – Gry and Sif Felt Bags (toyboxes) at Nubie – £38.99


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